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 Prepare Your Home To Sell FAST   (And Make A Bigger Profit)!!!

When you make the decision to put your home on the market, the main goal in my mind is to sell it quickly and walk away with as much of a profit as possible, right? Getting your home ready to be listed doesn't have to include remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms, or other huge renovations that will break the bank! I'm excited to give you some great (and inexpensive) ways to prepare your home to be sold fast, and put some extra money back into your pocket!

Add Curb Appeal

Typically, the first thing that buyers will notice when viewing your home is the exterior. It's important to give a great first impression to a prospective buyer because you only get one chance! Put yourself in the buyer's shoes; stand in front of your home and take a good, hard look. Then, consider these things:

  • Have you mowed the lawn, pulled all of the weeds, trimmed any overgrown bushes, and watered all of your plants and flowers?
  • Do any spots on the exterior need paint touch up? Give the exterior a good washing. You'd be amazed at what a difference that makes!
  • Is your home welcoming? Welcome your prospective buyers into your home with a new Welcome mat at the front door.
  • Are the windows clean? Clean the windows (inside and out). Let's admit it, cleaning windows isn't the most fun job, but dirty windows typically draw attention, and not in a good way. Also, check the window screens to make sure they are in place, clean, and not torn. If any of the screens need to be replaced, they are usually pretty inexpensive.
  • Don't leave extra or broken down vehicles in the driveway.
  • Do your fences need mending? Broken fences or gates not only look bad, but cause a safety concern, as well.
  • Is your roof in good condition? Are there shingles that need to be replaced? Most buyers know that repairing or replacing the roof of a home is a big expense. You definitely don't want to turn a buyer away before they've even walked through the door. Clean out the rain gutters and make sure that they're also in good condition. Painting the gutters (if necessary) is also a fairly inexpensive project which will help the appearance of the exterior.
  • Lastly, is the house number easy to read? Trim any bushes or tree branches that may be covering the house number. Not only does it look better, but you want buyers to be able to easily locate your house.

Now that you have the exterior in tip top shape, let's talk a little about your main living areas.

Create Neutral and Welcoming Living Areas

From the moment a buyer walks through the front door, you want them to envision this being their "forever home". You want them to feel a connection because it's not just about location, price, and size. The main goal in mind is helping the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living there! You'd be amazed at how simple and inexpensive accomplishing this goal can be! Here's how:

  • Remove clutter. I'm guilty of letting my mail, newspapers, magazines, etc., stack up. Getting rid of this clutter makes a world of difference!
  • Replace any burnt out or dull light bulbs, and clean all of the light fixtures. Create a bright environment. Light fixtures also tend to collect lots of dust. Wiping them down can make them look like new.
  • Make sure all ofthe floors are clean. Flooring is one of the main features that catches most people's eye! Wax or seal wood flooring, scrub tile and grout joints, and make sure the carpets are clean. Shampooing carpets not only make them look great, it also removes the dust and allergens that tend to build up.
  • Create a clean and organized entry way. Once a buyer walks through the door, this is the first thing they see. Don't leave shoes, bags, or other items in the entry way.
  • Repair any cracks in the walls or ceiling. Cracks can definitely make a home look older, worn down, or poorly taken care of. Typically, this is a DIY project that you can do!
  • Paint the walls a neutral color. This will not only make the room look clean (and sometimes larger), but you also want people to imagine their furniture matching. You can never go wrong with white!
  • Create as much open space as possible. Don't overload rooms with furniture! Instead, rearrange your furniture in the living room and family room to make the room more spacious.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, and get you off to a good start! Stay tuned next week for tips on how to prepare specific rooms in the house, the backyard, and garage. Let us help you sell your home fast, and make you as much money as possible! Contact us for a FREE Market Analysis today!

Article Written by Kari Combs

Fixing your credit  - Posted October 16, 2017

As you've probably experienced at some point or another -  a higher credit score is always better! Whether you're on a mission to fix a bad score or you just want to maintain your already high score, below are some simple ways to help you reach your goal.
When applying for a mortgage, your credit score is the way that lenders attempt to predict your future financial behavior, and it's a key factor in determining whether or not your application will be approved. They're essentially determining whether or not you will be a  good customer by paying back the money you borrowed, and on time. Credit scores typically range from 300 to 850 at the highest point. Most likely if you have a lower score, the  lender will increase your interest rate, or deny your application. A higher credit score provides much more opportunity to borrow money at a lower interest rate. This could save you thousands of dollars!


Don't let a bad credit score discourage you....improving your score doesn't have to be Mission Impossible!!!

There are lots of things that you can do to improve your credit score! Here are five things that you can start off with, that will have a major positive impact:
Have Patience – Your credit score won't jump by 200 points overnight, unfortunately. It takes time and some effort on your part. Think of it like this, you aren’t truly improving your credit score. What you’re doing is attempting to improve your credit report, or the history of your financial activity. However when your financial activity improves, it will definitely show in your higher score!

Clean Up Your Credit Report – The best place to start improving your score is to clean up any negative or invalid  items on your credit report. These are most likely having a negative effect on your score! The first step is requesting a copy of your credit score and your credit report. Every consumer is entitled to one free copy of their credit report from each of the three credit bureaus once a year.
 If you are in NM, you can request these copies at Other free sites such as are also great ways to monitor your credit. They also allow you to submit disputes for incorrect information on your report. Make sure that all of the details are accurate. It's not uncommon for a late payment or collection account to be reported in error. Make sure to contact the credit agency to correct any mistakes. Most disputes are resolved within 30 days.

Be On Time – This is extremely important!!! A major key element to raising your credit score is to pay your bills on time, all the time. It’s really simple, actually.When you pay your bills on time each month, your credit score improves a little bit at a time. Again, your score may not drastically improve from this overnight, but you will begin to see an improvement month to month.

Pay Down Your Debt (Credit cards and other types) – 
I'm sure at one point or another, you've heard  that you need some sort of debt so that you're able to show that you're financially responsible by paying down that debt. However, that doesn’t mean that you should max out all of your credit cards or lease a new car every year. Instead, you can improve your credit score by paying down your debt. It's really important to keep a low percentage of your overall credit line. Your credit score can suffer significantly when your balance becomes a high percentage of your credit  line. It's a good idea to keep your balances below 30% of the credit limit on each credit card that you currently have open. Once you start paying down your credit card debt (and keeping it down), you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your credit score increases!
New Lines of Credit – Even though all of those great credit card offers are very enticing, don’t apply for new lines of credit just because you get an offer in the mail. Just because you may qualify for a bunch  of credit cards, this by no means increases your credit score! If anything, they’ll tempt you to use them too often, your debt will increase, and your score will decrease.
 The longer your "Age of Accounts" is, the more likely your score is to increase. When buying a new home, it's also VERY important not to make any big purchases. This can also affect your debt to income ratio, which may cause your loan to be declined even after you've been pre-approved.

In summary, here's how your credit score is calculated:
Payment history - 35%
Amounts owed - 30%
Length of credit history - 15%
New credit - 10%
Types of credit (Car loan, mortgage, credit cards) - 10%

Hopefully this plan of attack to begin fixing your credit score is helpful! Once you start making wise financial decisions and see the results reflected in your credit score, you won't want to turn back! There's no better time than right now to start working on a better financial future!!! If you've made the decision to purchase a new home and need additional help fixing your credit report and qualifying for a mortgage, please feel free to comment below. We're here to help make your dream of home ownership come true!




 Albuquerque Area Realty Market Update for August 2017 - Posted September 26, 2017



August tends to mark the waning of housing activity ahead of the school year. Not all buyers and sellers have children, but there are enough parents that do not want to uproot their children during the school year to historically create a natural market cool down before any actual temperature change. Competition is expected to remain fierce for available listings. Savvy sellers and buyers know that deals can be made well into the school months, as household formations take on many shapes and sizes.

New Listings increased 4.7 percent for Single-Family Detached homes but decreased 8.1 percent for Single-Family Attached homes. Pending Sales increased 17.2 percent for Single-Family Detached homes and 43.4 percent for Single-Family Attached homes. Inventory decreased 18.4 percent for Single-Family Detached homes and 27.0 percent for Single-Family Attached homes.

 The Median Sales Price increased 6.7 percent to $202,825 for Single-Family Detached homes but decreased 2.2 percent to $135,000 for Single-Family Attached homes. Absorption Rate decreased 25.0 percent for Single-Family Detached homes and 32.6 percent for Single-Family Attached homes.

The prevailing trends lasted through summer. This was expected, since there have not been any major changes in the economy that would affect housing. Factors such as wage growth, unemployment and mortgage rates have all been stable. Every locality has its unique challenges, but the whole of residential real estate is in good shape. Recent manufacturing data is showing demand for housing construction materials and supplies, which may help lift the ongoing low inventory situation in 2018.

The Full Report is available at


 5 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall - Posted September 7, 2017



Your clients may be able to shave up to 30 percent off their energy bills this fall by conducting appropriate preparation measures on their home. For example, stripping and caulking the home to prevent drafts could be a major money saver, according to WIN Home Inspection.

WIN President Steve Wadlington offers the following five tips to share with your clients on how to clean and update the home to get it cold weather-ready:


  • Check the roof. Sun exposure can cause warping, fading, chipping, and other deformities to roofs and siding materials. Inspect the roof for cracks or other damages, and repair any issues before winter.
  • Sweep the chimney. If there is a blockage, or if residue is built up, the risk of fire and other safety issues increases. Homeowners will want to make sure the chimney is clean and in tip-top shape for winter use.
  • Clean the gutters. Check gutters for leaves or other debris that may be blocking water flow. Be sure to clear them out so water can properly drain. Gutters are essential in preventing water damage and other costly repairs.
  • Check weather stripping and caulking. This is essential to keep windows and doors sealed. Windows and doors may become slightly detached from their frames during colder months, so it’s important to make sure they are properly attached at the beginning of the season.
  • Check out floors. With all the heat and moisture of the summer months, floors may be showing some signs of wear and tear. Scratched, dull, or damaged floors should be professionally scuff-sanded and recoated.

Source: WIN Home Inspection

July 2017 Market Update - Posted August 22, 2017 


The Albuquerque Real Estate market continues to build momentum with year to date closed sales up over 7% over 2016 YTD.  Homes in many areas continue to push pricing up, but at a modest 5% increase in overall prices.  The hottest homes for sale are still under $275,000, often upgraded, and always move in ready.  Our continued historic low interest rates help make it a time to buy a home.

Below are some of the highlights of the overall market today.  For your specific property need, let's connect for a personal consultation to achieve your goals.  

  • The median detached home price rose 4.9 percent to $199,250
  • The average detached price increased 5.3 percent to $237,814
  • Overall inventory of detached homes for sale decreased 19.4 percent to 3,566
  • The number of detached homes going under contract rose 29.6 percent to 1,214

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Pool for Your home?   - Posted April 5, 2017


Have you considered getting a home with a pool in the Albuquerque Area?  They can definitely be a great lifetime exercise for anyone.  Most people enjoy their pools in the Albuquerque area between the months of late May through late September.  Although we are known for our mild winters, we see at least a couple strong months of cold weather.  A pool can be used longer with built in heating and insulation covering.  

If you are considering a home with a pool, know going into the purchase and the ongoing maintenance.  Especially to make a pool a lasting investment.  A pool to have the longest season in area also requires an ongoing heating source and water needs to be replenished regularly.  Those can increase your homes overall cost to own when considering homes with a pool.  But our 300+ days of sunlight in the area make it a great place to own a pool.  

Did you there are only 44 listings newer than 20 years old in the greater Albuquerque area under $750,000 with private pools? 195 available for sale homes all together have pools or about 5.7% of the available homes on the market (Total of 3365 Homes on Market as of 4/4/2017).  

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Albuquerque Area Real Estate February 2017 Update - Posted March 17, 2017


ABQ housing market inventory drought leads to generous offers, but less choice 

Inventory continues to be our challenge in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Market.  The more move in ready the home is, the quicker it is selling and in the shortest timeframes.  We are still seeing quicker and multiple offer action on smaller square footage and lower priced homes in the area.

  • Compared to 2016, February’s detached home inventory was down 22.6 percent to a record low of 2,849 listings.  
  • For detached homes, the median sales price increased 6.6 percent to $186,500

For the complete article from the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors, Click Here

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